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Kim Noble: The woman with 100 personalities

  Author:  15228  Category:(Discussion) Created:(10/6/2011 7:37:00 AM)
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I'm not sure how much I really buy all this.

by Amanda Mitchison

guardian.co.uk, Friday 30 September 2011

There's Judy the teenage bulimic, devout Catholic Salamoe, gay Ken and over 100 more. Artist Kim Noble talks about living with multiple personality disorder.

Kim, 50, has dissociative identity disorder (DID). She is, in effect, scores of different people – the exact number is uncertain – wrapped up in one body. These personalities are all quite distinct, with their own names and ages and quirks of temperament. Some are children. Some are male.

For a journalist, this presents certain problems. Kim Noble herself is merely a name on a birth certificate – a portmanteau of identities. So which version of her do you interview? Do you talk to whomever pops up? Hayley? Judy? Ken?

It turns out there's a protocol: you meet Patricia, the dominant personality among the many alter egos in Noble's head. With the help of regular support workers, Patricia looks after Aimee and makes sure there's milk in the fridge. It is Patricia who answers the door and welcomes me in.

The house is freshly painted, clean and tidy. Patricia appears urbane and at ease. She is well turned out, full of energy, just back from a holiday in Tenerife. Not a smidgen of psychiatric inpatient about her: no carpet slippers, no sad cardigans.

The photographer is setting up in the living room, so we go upstairs into Aimee's bedroom. I'm unsure how to address the person sitting on the bed opposite me. Do I call her Kim, or Patricia?

"I'm Patricia," she says equably. "I don't like being called Kim, but I have got used to it now."

How often does she change personality?

She shrugs. "There are about three or four switches a day."

What has happened so far today?

"This morning Spirit of the Water had a bath. And one of them was painting – it might have been Abi. And then the vacuum cleaning, another person was doing that before you came."

An alter ego who cleans! That's handy.

"Yeah, I have got my own cleaner," she says. "But nobody will do the garden."

The strangeness of Kim's story and something of what she has endured is revealed in her autobiography, All Of Me. The book, ghostwritten by Jeff Hudson, is a terrible tale. Kim was born in 1960. Her parents, stuck in an unhappy marriage, were factory workers, and the care of their daughter was farmed out to friends and local acquaintances. The details of what happened are hazy, but it seems that from an early age – somewhere between one and three – Kim suffered extreme and repeated abuse. And at this point her mind, traumatised beyond endurance, shattered into fragments, forming myriad separate identities. The breaks were clean: most of the principal personalities had no memories of abuse and no flashbacks. Thus she was protected from what had happened.

Kim scraped her way through childhood. Home life was fraught and she performed poorly in school. Her memory lapses and erratic behaviour were noticed but never understood. Abnormally poor memory is a classic symptom of DID. When there is a "switch", the new personality taking over does not know what has happened before they emerged. Young Kim demonstrated just such mental lacunae, and when she denied having said or done something, she was usually taken for a liar.

Read the whole thing here:


Here is a video of Kim switching personalities.  http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Introduction-to-Kim-Nobles-Multiple-Personalities-Video

So what do you think??






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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 10/6/2011 7:43:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 15228    I watched part of the video, but didn't finish it. Bad acting makes me uncomfortable and I think her daughter was uncomfortable as well. I'm sure the woman has mental problems, but having 100 distinct personalities is a little much to believe.  
Date: 10/6/2011 7:53:00 AM  From Authorid: 5252    Gunna check the full story out when I have more time. Thanks for the post, I find it interesting.  
Date: 10/6/2011 8:33:00 AM  From Authorid: 65081    The disorder is real. I can tell you that first hand. I have lived with someone with multiple personalities for years now. It can be quite disquieting to say the least. That is the first time I have heard of so many personalities in one person. The person in my family had around 20. Boy, could I tell you some stories there! They say reintegration works, where you merge all the personalities into one. It didn't work for my family member. I think there are more people with that problem out there than we know of. It is usually very hidden. I know we hid, and still continue to hide, ours. --Alienmojo
Date: 10/6/2011 8:42:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 15228    I could maybe buy 1 or 2 distinct personalities, but over 100?? And than to have off the wall personalities, such as "Spirit of the Water", a bulimic girl, a gay man. It makes no sense whatsoever that your brain would go to an extreme to protect itself from trauma and come up with so many personalities as a way to do it.  
Date: 10/6/2011 8:43:00 AM  From Authorid: 65081    Just watched the video. Don't know if she was acting or not, but I don't think that is why the daughter was uncomfortable. She, the daughter, obviously believes it. I can tell you it's a horrible condition and not usually shared because no one believes you. They think you are doing it for attention or whatnot. What did bother me was when she said it hadn't affected her daughter. Now that was a load of rubbish. How could it not? I fear more for that daughter than anything. Also it was on Oprah and I will get a lot of backlash for this, but I can't stand her. She's so egotistical and into herself. So I don't trust anything that is on her show to begin with. Give me Montel Williams or Phil Donahue anytime (although I'm sure they aren't anymore trustworthy than anyone else out there). I just like them better. --Alienmojo
Date: 10/6/2011 8:50:00 AM  From Authorid: 65081    Hey Kelly, I certainly understand your unwillingness to buy into it. It is a VERY hard thing to believe. A gay man? But every personality that I have ever heard of or interacted with (From Sybil to Billy Milligan) has had other gender personalites. It is very common. I think what happens is the brain focuses on one area and heightens it to such an extreme that it becomes a personality. So if there is a part of you that is a tom-boy or is into mechanical things it would manifest as a male personality. I hope that makes a little sense. Also, each personality has a specific talent that the other personalities don't have. Like one could know multiple languages, one can open locks, one can fix engines, one can play the piano, etc... But the funny thing is when they are integrated into one personality that personality can do none of those things. It's like Rainman. He was good at counting, but if you fixed him so he was 'normal' again, he would no longer have that ability. It is a facinating condition. I had even started writing a book on it some years back. ---Alienmojo
Date: 10/6/2011 9:48:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 15228    I don't think it's necessarily attention this person wants, I think it is a mental illness, but to believe that someone has 100 diverse personalities that aren't aware of each other and that come and go?? Two Psychologists from the University of Chicago and the University of California investigated 12,000 cases of mutiple personality disorder over four years and concluded not one of them was real. Since severe abuse accusations are so common in these cases, the FBI also investigated since it was popular for awhile to blame it on satanic rituals. They determined the claims were fraudulent.

In a recent study of several patients, successive alters were asked to memorize different sets of words. When alter B was asked whether she recognized a word memorized only by alter A, she often hesitated. That suggests a conscious process--I'm not supposed to know this--indicating the personalities aren't truly independent. It was determined that even the famous Sybil had confabulated her multiple personalities at the insistence of her therapist.
Date: 10/6/2011 9:57:00 PM  From Authorid: 62918    I have no clue, but I feel very sorry about her abuse and everything she's gone through.  
Date: 10/10/2011 10:35:00 AM  From Authorid: 13729    Wow I dont know, I am always skeptical of these people. When I was a kid I remember the movie "Sybil" though and pretty much believed it, in at least that case. I think with severe childhood trauma it may be possible for this to happen. But I'm with you, over 100? If someone were to document them, or maybe her doctors would keep track, or video all of them, maybe then I would go for it...  
Date: 10/10/2011 12:48:00 PM  From Authorid: 64365    I met a woman, one time, who had 5 different personalities that were documented and confirmed...supposedly. She revealed this, herself. You see dramatizations where one of the multiples is very aware of the seedy dark one or the one main one that they are all supposed to merge into to be complete or some such nonsense as that. I do believe there are cases, but 100? I'm pretty skeptical. I would have to have infallable proof.  
Date: 10/10/2011 12:50:00 PM  From Authorid: 64365    I joke about my facets, all the time...all the little quirks that make up my wholeness...and I give them identities...that doesn't mean I have mpd...just that I'm quirky that way and like to joke around.  
Date: 10/10/2011 11:40:00 PM  ( Admin )   I'm not so sure it's bad acting as much as I see a person that needs to disassociate different emotions from each other.

We are all filled with different emotions and different personalites the difference is that we remember them all and acknowledge them all as us and don't have to make up names and scenarios.

All it would take is short term memory problems related to identity or responsibility. The rest of it would be made up as needed by our brains like blind spots are filled in from available data.

It is something I could see happening to people after all our bodies can break in all kinds of ways.

Date: 10/11/2011 7:32:00 PM  From Authorid: 30051    I watched all the videos and read the articles and I don't see anywhere that it says 100 personalities. Everything I saw and read said 20. It was very sad. I too feel so bad for her daughter...  
Date: 10/11/2011 7:40:00 PM  From Authorid: 30051    Okay I went and read another article that claims 100 but really which is it??  

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