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The Spanish Channel a little bit too sexy!! *Lizard-1*

  Author:  62753  Category:(Debate) Created:(9/15/2004 6:34:00 AM)
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I can't understand SPanish at all..... but sometimes when I am flipping through stations, I run across several spanish stations, one because I am in Texas, and two because I don't have a awesome T.V. that lets you delete the channels you don't want... (you guys know what I mean) anyhow, the other day I was flipping through, and there was this woman wearing a G-string, and a man all over here, it was a pretty racy scene, and I was like OH MY GOSH ..... then later, a talk show I guess came on, it was like a Spanish version of Jerry Springer..... people were fighting, and I heard BEEP BEEP , BEEP just like on the Springer show, as most of you know is no longer on the air during day time hours. SO if it is not okay for our English speaking Americans to watch such distasteful material because it is not suitable for our children, then why is it okay for our Spanish Americans to have to deal with the smut? I know that there is limited stations for Spanish speakers to watch, and I guess it just annoys me that if a child only speaks, and understand Spanish, this is the junk they are watching! I don't know if it is the same in the North, but down here in the South, I guess they have only about two or three stations, which is NOT enough! I think they should have a childrens station ..... because from what I see, if I was a Spanish Speaking mother, and could not understand English, my family wouldn't even have a television!

Maybe I am wrong, but you can't lie about half naked woman, and agressive talk shows! I know that some of the channels we have are horrile, but at least we have clean stations to choose from too, like Nickolodeon, and Dinsey station! I don't have to sit my child down in front of FOX everyday! Know what I mean?

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 9/15/2004 6:43:00 AM  From Authorid: 62893    I understand what you mean. I know that some of the overseas channels are a bit more revealing than ours. I don't know what country but one of them has shows nudity even in soap operas that are on during the day. And some times at work I'll watch the IFC channel and there will be movies on from another country that will show full male nudity. American movies that I have seen never show full male nudity. Misty-1  
Date: 9/15/2004 6:46:00 AM  From Authorid: 25390    My best friend's husband was flipping through channels and came across a Spanish channel and it was seriously porn. I have always wondered the same thing. I have seen children's programs in spanish here too. I have seen Sesame Street in spanish, as well as Popeye. The thing I don't get though is that the smut is on the SAME CHANNEL!!!  
Date: 9/15/2004 6:48:00 AM  From Authorid: 25390    Misty, I have heard that full male nudity is the difference between rating something R and NC-17. Funny how you can show an completely nude woman and it be rated R. A woman nude is not Nearly risque as a nude man in the eyes of cinema.  
Date: 9/15/2004 6:51:00 AM  From Authorid: 62423    I've seen similar things on various spanish channels... And I agree, it can be a bit racy. But then again, I can find the exact thing on channels such as Fox. Down here in California, Jerry Springer, and Maury air at around 3:00 pm, right when kids are getting home from school. It's disgusting..  
Date: 9/15/2004 6:53:00 AM  From Authorid: 62893    Oddsmell, I think anyone nude in movies should be rated R, and some of the movies I have seen that is rated PG13 that has alot of sexual content in it I would not even let my 9 year old watch, even if he was 13 I still would not. I think movies are getting more sexual these days even TV shows.Misty-1  
Date: 9/15/2004 6:54:00 AM  From Authorid: 62675    I agree that it is smut. However, if I couldn't speak english, I would watch TV with the captions in spanish, so while I am reading the words they are being spoken in English, a good way to learn the language and a good way for my kids to learn it.  
Date: 9/15/2004 6:59:00 AM  From Authorid: 49689    Well since it IS a spanish channel,It IS outside of the control of th FCC and as George Carlin would say...There are two knobs on the TV..One turns it off and the other *slaps head* changes the channel.......  
Date: 9/15/2004 7:11:00 AM  From Authorid: 25390    Pyriel, you're forgetting about Picture in Picture! *evil grin*  
Date: 9/15/2004 7:13:00 AM  From Authorid: 25390    Misty, I agree. They need to re-evaluate how movies should be rated. We just have to be extra careful about what we let our children watch.  
Date: 9/15/2004 7:34:00 AM  From Authorid: 2030    Sabado Gigante is a pretty sucky show without the semi nudity.  
Date: 9/15/2004 8:17:00 AM  From Authorid: 34487    Yep, I know what you mean...I've always wondered why the Spanish channel is this way too. I refuse to have it in my package and one of the main reasons is because it's SO racy and over the top.  
Date: 9/15/2004 8:48:00 AM  From Authorid: 18527    nudity is not a big deal in latin culture. I lived in Colombia and yes there were a lot of scantily clad women, but overall there are less sex crimes there proportionately to here. If you grow up seeing it, it isn't shocking. It's the same in Europe...  
Date: 9/15/2004 1:01:00 PM  From Authorid: 13297    LOL @ BCAR... I second what Kethria said, in most Latin cultures I've had the privledge of being introduced to, nudity was just not a big deal. On a side note, I'm more worried about the violence we are willing to accept, as a culture, than the nudity we are not...  
Date: 9/15/2004 2:22:00 PM  From Authorid: 45630    At least it isn't the naked news running at daytime. Although that will always have a special place in my heart!lol.  
Date: 9/17/2004 8:28:00 PM  From Authorid: 22080    typically those channels arent US based  
Date: 9/30/2004 12:03:00 AM  From Authorid: 177    Ay caramba!!  

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